Dear customers,

You were born to move, to grab your bags and experience new places.
But now it’s time to take a break, to think about other people and especially to think about yourself.
So pack your wishes to get to know the world and travel from home. Read that book you have never finished, give your home a spring-makeover, call your grandparents an extra time. Life is a journey. But now it’s a mental journey, with vivid memories and experiences.

Soon this time of turbulence will pass, but now it’s time to just do 1 single thing: stay home for the love of travel.

  • Our Samsonite stores:
    We are re-opening our stores! We are looking forward to welcoming you again. In order to ensure everyone's safetey, we are following the local recommendations and rules in relation to Covid-19 and are taking the necessary measures. We invite you to check out our store locator page for the latest information regarding opening hours in your area.
  • Our official online store:
    Our online store can serve you 24/7 so you can still shop online on samsonite.no with free home delivery.
    We will safely deliver all your online orders for free. But due to these exceptional circumstances, your order might encounter a delay.
  • Our customer care:
    We will continue to provide you with exceptional service via phone and email. Our Customer Service team is ready to help with your questions. Email customer.care@samsonite.com or call us on +47 21954900 from 10:00am to 5:00pm (CET), Monday to Friday.
  • Our service:
    Please read the sections on our FAQ page for information on spare parts and repairs. Please take into account that our stores and repair centres currently may be closed, but our Service After Sales teams will assist you as best as they can.